Making a Killer Campaign Video

So you’ve got an idea for a project. You have a team to help you out, you know your goals and how you want to communicate, you’re starting to build an outreach list…sweet! You’re well on your way to creating a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Now, you need to start thinking about how you’re going to share the story of your project, which starts with a strong campaign video (it’s the thing that usually takes the longest!). It’s the best way to share a message with a crowd, to create a story around your campaign, and to humanize your page and your project all at once. So let’s get started!


The Definitive Guide to Crowdfunding Your Next Book, by The Crowdsourceress

The Crowdsourceress book cover image

The two most common questions I get when I’m sitting on a panel or giving a talk about crowdfunding are “How do you do it?” and “How can I do it too?” No one wants to hear statistics, theories, or one-size-fits-all advice, and I don’t blame them. People want real guidance, real stories from the trenches, and real takeaways. That’s why I decided to write this post and came up with this guide–to show you exactly how to get crowdfunding for your next book (or any creative project). Read moreSVG_ARROW_RIGHT

What Joan Didion Taught Alex Daly About Crowdfunding – SSENSE

SSENSE recently interviewed Vann Alexandra founder Alex Daly on her best tips for crowdfunding, and how she implements these into her projects. Alex also discussed her new book The Crowdsourceress, how she started her business, and what she’s learned along the way.

Featuring beautiful shots of Vann Alexandra’s office and team, the piece reveals Alex’s top suggestions in depth, in her own words, beyond her book. Read the full article on SSENSE.

PublicAffairs announces Alex Daly’s book, The Crowdsourceress

The Crowdsourceress by Alex Daly was released March 28, 2017. Publisher PublicAffairs announced the launch, sharing reviews, a synopsis, and more about Alex.

You can read all about the book launch on PublicAffairs.